Attention Christian leaders and pastors

Join a robust coalition of like-minded ministry leaders from all around the United States who are standing for religious liberty and freedom.

Here’s The Challenge

The liberal-left is targeting Christian leaders and pastors trying to strip their organizations of religious liberties and freedoms. They are trying to put invisible handcuffs to limit what you’re called to do.

Join A Like-Minded Community Of Like-Minded Believers

Here are some of the benefits that you get with your membership:

Have A Team Behind You

We will stand with you should you come under attack, circle the wagons, help with media/public relations, help find appropriate legal support, and mobilize the coalition offering strength in numbers in all areas of need.

Join A Community of Believers

You’ll join a family of like-minded people who will support and pray for you.

Education And Know Your Rights

Our team will make sure that you know your rights and we will help advise on what actions to take should you come under attack or deal with religious persecution.

Have a High Rate of Success

Our team has decades of experience successfully winning cases against the liberal left.

You will never stand alone

Joining this coalition will allow you to be a part of a robust community of like-minded pastors and churches who will come to your defense should you be unfairly targeted.

3 Easy Steps

How It Works

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Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will not have to endure religious persecution or attack alone. We will stand with you and help on all fronts.

Have A Winning Team On Your Side


We have been pushing back against the infringement of religious rights and freedoms for decades. We have the knowledge, fortitude, and needed experience to help you should you or your church come under attack. We supply you with the tools you need to be set up for success.


People Say About Us

"It's hard leading a church knowing there's a target on your back. Being a part of the coalition gives me the peace of mind knowing that I have friends that will help me if I ever get in trouble.


"I love the RLC community! To be with like-minded believers who are moving towards a common goal is very encouraging and helps us stay the course.