Frontline Pastors

Americas frontline pastors are pastors who are willing to stand for the entirety of the Word of God in 2022 and beyond—bold and unafraid. Also, those who are simultaneously standing for our rights, freedoms, and religious liberties as Americans.

We are excited to announce that we will be launching very soon “American’s Frontline Pastors” under the organizational structure of the Religious Liberty Coalition here in the United States of America.




We are in a very critical juncture as a people of God and church Body in America. Over the last few years we have seen a rapid acceleration of the infringement of our rights, religious liberties, and freedoms.

Pastors have been arrested, fined, penalized, and targeted during this time period. Churches were told that if they were to remain open, they could have their power shut off, face egregious and substantial fines, and even deal with the possible incarceration of the church leadership. In certain areas churches were forced to close down.

This all has sounded the alarm for a need to push back and stand on the principles and foundation established in our United States constitution.


We know that it is more effective to have a coalition—those who are willing to stand as a united front—-against this type of government overreach.

We will circle the wagons and stand with one another should a fellow frontline pastor come under attack.

We will also help with the educational and training piece to know our constitutional right and provide each member with a prayer covering.

In addition we will help act as an aggregate should a frontline pastor or church come under attack and need legal protection or assistance in dealing with the media.

We solve your problems

By joining this group, you are simply stating that you believe in these important truths and principles:

  1. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  2. One must accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in order to be saved.
  3. There is one and only one true God—the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.
  4. The only way to the Father is through the Son, Jesus Christ.
  5. The Bible is the inherent Word of God.
  6. One must repent of sin and unrighteousness and turn from a lifestyle of sin in order to be right before God. This does not mean we won’t make mistakes, but we will always stand on these principles and do our best to hold to them.
  7. We will teach and believe in the entire Bible/counsel of God.
  8. Be willing to stand on the above principles no matter what the U.S government or anyone else says.
  9. Be willing to stand for religious liberty and freedom and all that falls under that umbrella as long as it is in agreement with the Bible.
  10. Be willing to walk in an upright manner—having eldership, mentorship, and accountability as a pastor and leader.
  11. Be kind to one another, act appropriately both publicly and in private as a believer/representative of Christ, and always be willing to best resolve any disagreements with other members of the Body of Christ in a mature way as long as the other person is willing.

What This Means For You

The basic principles are that as long as Christ is the center, we should be able to stand with one another even in cases of slight doctrinal variances unless they are heretical.
There will be times that the frontline pastors will have opportunities to speak, join in on online and in person meetings, attend group conferences, and develop key relationships with other frontline pastor members. The goal is to develop a community of likeminded and sincere believers in Christ who are not afraid to stand for truth in 2022 and beyond.
This is not a denomination nor a political group. It is simply a coalition of like-minded individuals who are aligning for the purpose of defending the faith and our religious rights, liberties, and freedoms.
By joining this group, a clear message is sent that you as a ministry leader are willing to stand. There is no obligation to give to or be active in the group, but we would ask a prayerful consideration of an annual donation to help in the logistical support and administrative infrastructure. You will not be discriminated against should you not want to financially support America’s Frontline Pastor’s.
This is a biblically sound group and support system.
By being a member of this group, those who seek to find a fellowship in your area will be directed to your church and fellowship as a member of the frontline church family. Many are seeking for churches and pastors who are willing to stand. Your membership signifies that you are one of those churches in America.
We believe God is not done with America and now is the time to stand.
We are hopeful that this group will bear much fruit and be able to effectively send a message that we will not cave or backdown on standing for the entirety of Biblical truth and religious liberty in America. We also believe that we will protect these rights and freedoms for not only this generation of American’s , but also for future generations.
Please stay tuned for directions on how to join this important group of pastors. Your membership will send a clear message to those who wish to take away our rights and freedoms. It will also show likeminded believers who they can trust and align with.
More to come soon!